Living the Amazon Experience – Cruising the Negro River

State: Amazonas
Very few places in the planet hold as much mystery as the Amazon. Considered one of man´s last frontiers on Earth, this fantastic region offers a wide variety of possibilities for a study program. Starting from Manaus, the capital of the state of Amazonas, our group will cruise along the Negro River and its tributaries on an exclusive, private regional boat which is the best way of getting to the points to be studied on the rainforest. From our base-boat, smaller speedboats will take us to explore the “igarapés”, smaller watercourses that wind into the “igapós”, the labyrinths formed by the flooded forest. A truly amazing experience! Students will have the opportunity to meet and interact with isolated, traditional communities and also trek along the forest with expert local guides that have been born and raised in the Amazon.
Possible areas for studies:
• Social and environmental Sustainability
• Traditional Communities: Sustainable extraction, Culture and Native Knowledge of the Forest People
• Deforestation, Meteorology and Climate Change – How the Amazon parameters affect our planet. Academic presentation at INPA – National Institute for Amazonian Research (Manaus)
• Biodiversity and Ecology: (transects/quadrants for species counting)
• Ethnobotany and Medicinal Plants: species identification and their use by the “forest people”
• River Dynamics and Profiles
• Native-bees raising in the tropical forest (honey and pollination)
Academic exchange with local governmental and private institutions engaged in Amazonian studies and research

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