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Welcome to Brazil, a continental-sized country where "diversity" best defines its broad possibilities for the expansion of knowledge and which has always been the object of scientific and cultural research.

Colonized by Europeans, Brazil has strong African and native-American components which result in a social and cultural blend seldom found in other countries.

One of the world´s largest economies, Brazil also holds significant portions of untouched, pristine environments and is home to one of the largest biodiversities found on Earth.

Along the country, human pressure caused mainly by economic development acts upon the balance of important “global critical issues” like water and energy availability, wealth and land distribution and urban planning among others, creating a very favorable scenario for a wide range of possibilities concerning the study of Earth Sciences and Environmental & Social Sustainability.

Interesting facts about Brazil

Area: 8.511.965 square kilometers (3.286.480 square miles)

Population: 205 million (2015)

Capital: Brasília (population 2.5 million)

Largest city: São Paulo (population over 11 million)

Gross National Product: USD 2.5 trillion (2013)

• The world´s 5th largest country

• The world´s 8th largest economy

• Home of the largest biodiversity found on Earth

• The world´s largest exporter of beef, with a herd of more than 200 million heads

• The world´s largest producer of soybeans, coffee and ethanol (biofuel)

• The Amazon is the largest river by volume and 2nd largest by length (6.400 km), responsible for approximately 25% of the freshwater flow into the world´s oceans

• Approximately 75% of the country´s electricity comes from hydroelectric generation.

• Brazil´s highest mountain is Pico da Neblina, in the Amazon region, with an altitude of 2.994 m (9.823 ft)


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