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Testimonials - Words from who's been there

“Terra Nativa provides quality programming that allows for valuable cross-cultural exchange and an intimate connection with the people in the communities we visit. Our participants consistently rate the program in Brazil very positively, saying they would highly recommend it to others. The staff are knowledgeable and caring and are a great source of support to our groups on the ground.  I have also personally always found my partners there to be kind, open, and easy to work with."

Jessika Macías

Program Officer

The Experiment in International Living - USA 

“Terra Nativa is one of the chosen educational travel agencies that have worked with our school for more than a decade. Reliable and flexible, the administrators, staff, guides –essentially everyone – are completely qualified in their respective area of expertise.

This past year, we remodeled the format of our trips and I had the opportunity to work closer with Terra Nativa organizers – especially with Ms. Paulin Antar Talaska - , they were tremendously helpful in accommodating our requests and fully transparent about the prices. 

Terra Nativa specializes in educational eco-tourism and provides our community the opportunity to experience the best of Brazil. With English speaking guides, they have more than fulfilled our expectations.

I am very proud to present my recommendation for this amazing travel agency.”

Lika Kishino

Graded School – The American School of São Paulo

K-12 Grades Trip Coordinator


“I am writing to offer my enthusiastic endorsement of Paulin Antar Talaska and the entire Terra Nativa team. They have led trips with Chapel School students for a number of years, beginning before my arrival in 2008. In my time there, they always earned rare reviews from teachers and students. Paulin does a remarkable job recruiting, training and maintaining a dependable team of counselors. Terra Nativa staff members are distinguished by their maturity and professionalism. In addition to their subject-matter expertise, they are genuinely concerned for the safety, wellbeing and learning of our students at all times.
They are exceptional role models who lead by example, taking an active interest in all trip activities.”

Jason Dillon

Chapel School – São Paulo/Brazil

High School Principal


“I am a science teacher for international schools and worked for 6 years in Brazil. I had to organize science field trips every year. During these years I worked with Terra Nativa, who was responsible for designing and organizing the itineraries. Those programs focused in geology, biology, oceanography and sustainable development for high school students.
Demian Topel was always able to understand and adapt the trip to my goals, to the age of the students and to the French curriculum. His team was competent in the fields of sciences, pedagogy and safety. Without hesitation, I would recommend the services of Demian Topel and Terra Nativa for the organization and support for science, outdoor activities and cultural field trips.”

Reda Dahhaoui

Educational Adviser AEFE - Paris

Lycée Français – Tamatave, Madagascar


“In May of 2016 I led a study abroad trip with 12 undergraduate students to Brazil. As a new professor, this was my first experience leading a study abroad trip as well as the first study abroad trip offered by the Communications Department at Northern Michigan University. As you can imagine, I was quite nervous, though my worries were completely unnecessary.  Terra Nativa offered top notch professional service both before and during the trip. Our guide Demian Topel was always available via Skype and email throughout the planning process and made sure that the study abroad experience would meet all of my expectations. His intimate knowledge of Brazil was an incredible asset in both planning and while we were abroad. Demian was able to take us to destinations, connect us with organizations and explain nuances only a local would know.  In addition, I always felt that my students were safe. Thanks to Terra Nativa, my students and I had and incredible, educational, eye-opening study abroad experience in Brazil. I highly recommend the services they provide.”

Dr. Shawn K. Davis

Assistant Professor

Northern Michigan University - USA


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