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Our team

A very important component of Terra Nativa's programs is our special traveling team, which is composed of experienced, English-speaking professionals perfectly in tune with our program contents. From environmentalists, biologists, geologists to artists and nature photographers, we are all very passionate about our work. And it certainly shows!

A biologist with a Master´s Degree in Oceanography from the University of São Paulo and has been involved in environmental education and conservation projects for more than 24 years. Since 1998, Paulin designs and coordinates tailor-made educational itineraries in Brazil for school and adult groups, Brazilian and foreign. In charge of Terra Nativa since 2010, Paulin is also a middle-school teacher and collaborates with the Brazilian Ballooning Confederation (CBB). Certified as tour-guide by the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism and as Advanced Diver (PADI-USA). In her “free-time”, Paulin is mother of two 12 years old twins.


A passionate environmentalist and ecotourism entrepreneur with a 28-year experience in designing educational programs in natural environments, having led over 300 trips in the Brazilian territory. Worked on private and governmental Solar Photovoltaic Projects for electricity generation in Brazil. Lecturer at the RIO-92 Conference: “The State of the Art of Photovoltaics in Brazil”. In 1993 started his career in Ecological and Educational Tourism and in 1997 founded Terra Nativa, introducing the concepts of Social & Environmental Sustainability as master guidelines on trips. Certified as tour-guide by the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism and as Dive Master by PADI-USA.


Partnering Locally

Terra Nativa strives to include local initiatives in its programs and, whenever possible, we partner with serious, local micro entrepreneurs such as guides, educators, artists, cooks and other qualified service providers.

We feel that this partnership is a very important tool to ensure a sustainable local income generation while adding precious native knowledge to the trip.



Welcome to Brazil, a continental-sized country where "diversity" best defines its broad possibilities for the expansion of knowledge and which has always been the object of scientific and cultural research. Colonized by Europeans, Brazil has strong...



Terra Nativa will carefully plan your itinerary, selecting the adequate activities and working on the logistics in a cost-effective way. Along this process, our team will work in tune with your institution, in order to deliver the best possible experience. Terra Nativa will place you exactly where the action is!




“Terra Nativa provides quality programming that allows for valuable cross-cultural exchange and an intimate connection with the people in the communities we visit. Our participants consistently rate the program in Brazil very positively, saying..."

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